Stretching Your Dollar For Your Laser Treatment

Stretching Your Dollar For Your Laser Treatment

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There was a time when people are sceptical about ablative laser treatments as this would mean there will be downtime, they will have to take leave and stay home for at least the next 3-5 days. But with the advancement in technology and topical products, especially those with effective active ingredients, when combined together, it will change the whole ball game altogether. These days, well trained doctors know that there is an opportunity to enhance in-clinic treatments immediately after the procedure, as skin in recovery mode is in a prime position to absorb nutrients.

CALECIM® Professional cosmeceuticals are a popular post-procedure skin care line. The products contain a protein-rich Rejuvenating Conditioned Media derived from umbilical cord lining extract. This formula creates a very powerful healing and rejuvenating environment for skin of any age. When used in conjunction with Discovery PICO laser, CALECIM® Professional Serum boosts skin healing and the aesthetic results, adding more value and giving more comfort to the patients. Gone are the days where you have to be a hermit at home and not be able to face the world.

CALECIM® Professional Complements PICO Laser

The Discovery PICO Laser is a highly efficacious laser technology. It works in picosecond pulse, fragments the particles in a really thin “dust” and breaks up melanin and pigment particles. The PICO Laser is also able to aid in skin rejuvenation while resurfacing the skin and improving your skin’s texture.

Prive Clinic Singapore Calecim Professional Serum
To reduce the redness, swelling and speed up skin recovery, doctors will apply CALECIM® Professional Serum in-clinic to immediately soothe the skin and boost the body’s natural healing process. To further optimize the results of their procedure, patients should use CALECIM® Professional Restorative Hydration Cream at home in the days that follow to enhance and witness optimal results.

CALECIM® Professional has already proven its ability to restore epidermal cell turnover time in clinical trials and is a preferred post-treatment serum of choice due to its undeniable, fast-acting properties. The secret of its effectiveness lies in the cord lining stem cell technology, discovered and patented by CALECIM® Cosmeceuticals’ parent company, CellResearchCorp.

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