PicoSure® Laser Treatment

PicoSure Laser: FDA-Approved Laser Treatment for Skin Revitalization, Pigmentation, Tattoo Removal Pico laser represents the cutting edge of a type of laser technology known as short-pulse lasers. The Picosecond pulse width is 100 times shorter (and therefore, 100 times faster) than traditional (QSwitch) nanosecond technology, hence the name Pico Laser. These lasers are designed to… Continue reading PicoSure® Laser Treatment

Discovery Pico Laser Treatment

Discovery Pico Laser: Laser Treatment for Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation, Tattoo Removal Skin pigmentation refers to darkening of the skin because of the skin’s excessive production of melanin. Melanin is produced by melanocytes and functions as a shield on skin cells to protect the skin from sun and UV damages. Some of the common types of… Continue reading Discovery Pico Laser Treatment

Revlite Laser

Women, rev up your life with brighter, more luminous skin! Ideal for treating …

Cosmelan Peels

What is Cosmelan Peel? Cosmelan is a professional topical depigmentation and brightening method used to treat skin discolouration, brown spots and hyperpigmentation. Melanin, a pigment that determines our skin tone, is also responsible for the darkening of our skin. Cosmelan Peel works by inhibiting tyrosinase, an enzyme responsible for melanin production. Regulating melanin production will… Continue reading Cosmelan Peels