The Secret to Korean Glass Skin

The Secret to Korean Glass Skin

We are all about the #IWokeUpLikeThis and #NoMakeUp #NoFilter in this day and age. We all want the perfect Korean glass skin that we see on celebrities like Song Hye Kyo, right?

This K-Beauty skin care trend is defined as having skin that is visibly pore-less, clear, translucent skin. Skin that is so supple and plumped, it’s practically as shiny and smooth as a glass window! Naturally, this is highly sought after by women (and even men!) wanting to look their best. After all, we all dream have youthful, healthy skin for as long as possible don’t we?

Here is a summary of how to achieve the Glass skin look:

  1. Make Up
  2. Skin Care Products – Hydration is key
  3. Skin treatments – Monthly facials + laser treatments done by doctors

It is essential for your skin to be in optimal condition in order to absorb the goodness of the skin care products applied, and for make up to adhere well to your skin. This can be achieve with a good facial regime! On average, the skin renewal cycle of a middle-aged person is approximately 28-42 days. By getting a professional facial done every month to help deep cleanse, eliminate dead skin cells and stimulates new skin cell renewal, your skin is prepped and ready for skin care and make up products!

The results from a professional facial cannot be replicated at home or replaced with home-care devices. Professional facial treatments usually features smart technology such as Radio Frequency, LED Chromotherapy, Micro-current or Ultrasonic Waves that target deep into the skin dermis and facial muscles. Meanwhile, laser treatments effectively lighten blemishes and pigmentation, and accelerate collagen renewal deep within the skin layers. These machines are licensed to operate at a greater intensity as compared to home-care devices, and could cost up to a few hundred thousand dollars!

If you are looking to combat multiple issues, we have the ideal combination treatment for you that works effectively, without breaking the bank!

Let’s talk about Lasers and Facials!

Revlite Laser Treatment

What is Revlite?

Revlite is one of the biggest brands of the ever-popular Q-switched laser? The fact that it has been around for more than 10 years, and is still one of the top choices amongst patients goes to show 2 things:

  1. It really does work – it is tried and proven effective.
  2. It is safe & effective – billions of people have used it with no side-effects.

Other things to consider when doing Q-switched lasers:

In Singapore, all laser treatments can only be conducted by trained and licensed medical practitioner. Always ensure your laser is handled by an experienced doctor.

There are various types of Q-switch lasers, and they range in price from as low as $40/session to about $400/session. What is the difference?  Lower priced lasers could possibly be standardised in terms of their settings (fixed mode and only 2-3 min/session thus the lower cost) and are not tailored to the patients’ specific needs. This could mean that more sessions are needed to achieve the same results, thus increasing risks of severe side effects such as hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. On the other hand, Q-switch lasers like Revlite might be more expensive in comparison of the per session price, it is still preferred as it is more cost-efficient and time-saving in the long run as you may require fewer sessions to see results; the risks of side effects are minimal too!

At Privé, we do not limit the number of laser passes per session, so you could be getting multiple different types (different laser modes to target different layers of the skin) and “rounds” of Revlite lasers at no additional costs! Of course, this will depend on your individual skin condition and concerns, the laser intensity, your pain tolerance and lifestyle habits, and most importantly our doctor’s professional assessment.

How does Revlite work?

Revlite Laser utilises PhotoAcoustic energy to precisely target and re-organise the collagen scaffolding into parallel arrays of compact fibers, giving skin an overall tightening effect. It also stimulates long-term collagen growth which increases volume under the skin to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Revlite Laser is also especially useful for lightening acne scars, sun spots and pigmentation:

  1. The laser emits a low level heat that penetrates the skin without damaging the surface. The excess melanin absorbs the heat.
  2. The heat breaks down particles of melanin into smaller particles, leaving the sun or age spot looking speckled.
  3. The small particles of melanin are recognised by the body as waste. They rise to the skin surface and begin to flake away as part of the body’s natural waste process.
  4. Remaining particles flake away from the skin’s surface leaving the skin smooth and clear.

Revlite: 60% More Power*

Revlite delivers very narrow pulse widths at up to 60% more power*. The unique nanosecond pulse configuration causes a dual collagen stimulation action, providing both a PhotoAcoustic effect and a subtle photothermal effect from the pulse delivery.

Clinical studies indicate that Revlite PTP mode offers greater efficacy and increased patient comfort for skin rejuvenation. The laser is distributed evenly over the skin’s surface through a superior flat-top beam profile, without spikes or hot spots, which significantly minimizes epidermal injury.



We are sure that most will know by now how traditional facials work. They usually go along the lines of the following: double cleanse, followed by some mild extraction, a machine treatment and massage, before ending off with a mask. The technology behind the facial usually depends on the machine(s) used during the session. Some of the more common ones include Ultrasonic energy which is usually used for infusion of serum and active ingredients into the skin, Aqua/Diamond Dermabrasion which is usually used to gently slough off dead skin cells and promote skin renewal, or Radio Frequency energy which is usually used for lifting and tightening and to achieve the coveted V-shape face. The best part about facials? They feel absolutely relaxing and pampering after a long day!


For optimal results, it is our recommendation to combine Revlite laser and facials as they both have strengths in their own areas – the technology behind both types of skin treatment are equally effective. Laser treatments have the ability to reach, target and treat conditions in the deeper, medial and superficial connective structures of the skin, but it cannot help you get rid of the gunk and dirt in your pores (on the surface of your skin) that facials can. The results will be improved too – while Revlite laser is great at targeting pigments, it may dry out the skin. A facial session right after can effectively help to rehydrate and soothe for clear and healthy skin!

By combining the two treatments, you get to save on travelling time too! At Privé, we can incorporate your laser session together with your facial (since our clinic and medi-spa are side-by-side) so you don’t have to make 2 separate trips or go to two separate places – no need for infinity stones!

To summarise, Revlite Laser is best used together with facials – the secret to achieving the ‘Korean glass skin’ look is to incorporate both into your skincare regime for ideal results. It is always best to consult our doctor to discuss the optimal treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

July/Aug: Enjoy a session of Revlite laser at $120 Nett. For full details, please contact us via WhatsApp at +65 96565380. T&Cs apply.


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