HIFU vs Ultherapy

HIFU vs Ultherapy


Patients often ask us what is the difference between the two and which is better? In short, HIFU is the energy and Ultherapy is the brand.

HIFU refers to High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), a type of energy used for skin lifting and tightening. There are various brands available in Singapore including – Ultherapy, Ultraformer, Ultracel Q+ and more. Some clinics may use the same Ultherapy machine that we choose to use, while others may choose machines from different brands.

Although all brands claim to use ultrasound energy for lifting, the quality, efficacy and results may differ between different brands. Our doctors prefer using the original Ultherapy by Merz Aesthetics for the following reasons:

  1. Proven Safety and Efficacy

Ultherapy is the only device that has been approved by US-FDA for skin lifting and tightening. Given the stringent and high standards when it comes to safety and efficacy, this affirms that Ultherapy is both very safe and effective. In addition, there are also multiple clinical studies done on the treatment, and more than 1,750,000 treatments done worldwide so patients can be fully assured of the safety and results.

In comparison, other brands may not be as established as Ultherapy. In fact, some clinics may even use OEM machines imported from Korea or China with no studies, certification or testing. This affects the quality, safety and efficacy of the treatment. Hence, they are able to often offer it as ‘HIFU treatment’ at much lower prices.

  1. Targeted treatments with Ultrasound imaging technology

Ultherapy, is the only HIFU machine with real-time ultrasound imaging. This is the same technology the gynaecologist use to check on the foetus of pregnant ladies. Ultherapy’s DeepSEE™ visualisation technology allows aesthetics doctor to accurately visualize the layers of skin tissue that is being targeted when performing the treatment. With this, your doctor can accurately deliver ultrasound energy to the correct layers to ensure effective results are constantly attained.

In comparison, other brands do not have the imaging technology that enables the doctor to see where the energy is being delivered. This makes it difficult to customise a unique treatment that will benefit you the most as every patients’ condition and needs are different.

Our doctors are trained and certified with the latest Ultherapy® Hyper-Personal Lift that allows you to experience a personalised treatment plan in 3 stages: See. Plan. Treat (S.P.T.).

  1. Longer Lasting Results

Ultherapy has longer lasting results. It allows energy to penetrate deeply into the skin hence extending slightly deeper into the muscle for tighter and more lifted skin.

Ultherapy generally needs to be done only once a year while other HIFU procedures may require multiple sessions over the course of a year in order to maintain and achieve good results.

To summarise, our doctors prefer using Ultherapy as it delivers consistent clinically-proven results with a good track record. Although the session cost of other brands of HIFU may be lower than Ultherapy due to the lower consumable cost, more sessions are usually required to achieve desirable results. Hence it actually works out to be about the same. Nevertheless, as each patient’s condition is different, it is always recommend to consult your aesthetic doctor to customise an optimal treatment plan for you.

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