July Feature: Eye Treatments

July Feature: Eye Treatments

June Feature: Eye Treatments

The eyes may be the windows to the soul, but it’s also one of the first places to show the signs of ageing! did you know that the skin around the eyes is only one-third as thick as the skin on the face?  The eye area also has less sebaceous glands, making it drier, more delicate and more prone to fine lines and wrinkles so it needs much extra care.

In recent months, more patients are enquiring about eyes treatments to look more perky and turn back time! Combination treatments are recommended for a safe and efficient way to target eye problems like fine lines, wrinkles and dark eye circles.

Q: Why are combination treatments better to correct signs of ageing at the eye area?

A: Every patient’s needs and concerns are different, and they may require different treatments. Combination treatments are recommended because they can target a variety of aging concerns at the same time. It also allows us to better tailor a holistic treatment that can work well together to better the condition of the patients.

For example, if a patient is concerned about droopy lids and wrinkles, using fillers or botox alone will not work as these treatments mainly target wrinkles. In this case, we would recommend introducing an energy-based treatment such as Thermage Eyes to induce collagen remodelling, for tightening and lifting of the skin.

Q: Can you do fillers and the following treatments (be it a laser or thermage etc.) immediately after? How long would you need to wait in-between each treatment? 

A: Yes – energy based treatments like Thermage, Ulthera or Lasers can be done together with injectables like fillers. Generally we would recommend that patients do them together so that they only have to go through the numbing process once as opposed to 2 separate visits. However, we should do the energy based treatment before fillers as some energy treatments could affect the longevity of the fillers.

Q: How long will results last when doing a combined treatment as recommended vs just doing a stand-alone treatment instead? 

A: A combination treatment helps treat a variety of problems more effectively, for example if you compare treating crow’s feet with injectables VS a combination treatment of Thermage & injectables. Simply put, injectables can lift and plump fine lines on the surface level hence you tend to see visible improvement within a couple of days to a week. However, the latter will treat your crow’s feet from the deepest level of your skin by stimulating collagen which will lift and tighten the skin without any downtime. It works well with injectables as the results of Thermage will be more evident in months to come hence enhancing the effects of the injectable while also prolonging the results and time for your next fix.

Q: What if you have a few concerns, such as dark circles + lines + sagging? What treatments would you recommend? Or can you work on 1 problem first — dark circles, then make an appointment to come back another time to address the problem of sagging? And which concern should you target first? 

A: Most patients have a multiple concerns, hence we usually recommend a combination treatment that can address all of them at the same time. However, some patients, especially those who are first timers may prefer starting with just 1 treatment and then come back another time. It really is up to the patient.

One of the most common concerns amongst patients are wrinkles/fine lines around the eye area and they can generally be split into 2 types – Dynamic (lines that appear with certain facial expression) and Static (lines that are always there). For Dynamic wrinkles, we can use botulinum toxin (botox) to temporarily paralyse the muscles to prevent them from forming. On the other hand, Static lines may require some form of injectables (Rejuran I, Skin boosters or Fillers) to plump up the area. Patients usually like to address wrinkles with injectables first as there is minimal pain and downtime, while results are immediate. There is a great sense of satisfaction to see the lines “erased” after a single session.

A laser treatment can be done before the injectables to lighten skin discolouration and target fine lines and wrinkles as well. While energy based treatments can target the sagging problem. All of these concerns can be done all together in one seating.

Q: How safe are these treatments for the eyes, because the eyes are so sensitive and the area around it so fragile?

A: These treatments have all gone through multiple rounds of clinical tests before release so they are safe for use at the eye area. In the hands of an experienced and skilled practitioner, risks involved are minimised. As the eye area bruises more easily, doctors need to be extra gentle and careful when administering treatments there.

Q: What are some dos and don’ts to take note after the treatments are done?

A: This depends on the treatment performed. We usually provide an after care guide for all our patients, and a dedicated hotline so they can contact us for more advice. As a general rule of thumb, keep the area clean and sanitised, and be extra gentle with your skincare. Try to avoid the sun and wet activities such as swimming or sauna until it is fully healed. For lasers, also remember to wear sunscreen every day.


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