Vanquish Body Contouring System

Everybody wants to look good at any age, and you deserve to look good and feel great. Now, with the ever-evolving technologies available in Singapore, non-invasive and non-surgical body treatments, such as the Vanquish body contouring system, have been developed for your aesthetic needs.

Prive Clinic Singapore Vanquish Body Contouring System

What is Vanquish?

Vanquish is a non-invasive and non-surgical body shaping treatment. This US FDA-cleared technology is great for reduction of volume at the tummy, thighs and love handles.

The treatment may involve large areas, but since this is a contactless technology, you will be happy to know that needles and anaesthesia are not required.

How it works

Vanquish uses a non-invasive, contactless panel array which creates a high-frequency Selective Field RF™ energy. This technology tunes the delivery of thermal energy based on deep tissue impedance, and also shapes the radio magnetic fields. This will enable the optimisation of energy penetration and fat will be heated selectively. All this is achieved without the device touching the body.

The Vanquish system is different and unique compared to other body contouring systems in Singapore because its treatment mechanisms concentration on larger areas of fat deposits. The adipose cells or fat cells are disrupted during treatment.

Studies have shown that the Vanquish treatment causes disruption of the fat cells and produces a reduction in the volume of the fat layer, such as for belly fat. Published scientific studies have validated that the Vanquish patented technology induces fat cell death through apoptosis. The good news is all this happens without disrupting the values of serum lipid and liver-related blood tests.

The body part that requires treatment is positioned in the high-frequency electric field. Then, the temperature in the fat tissue is raised to controlled apoptic levels. However, the surrounding tissue remains unharmed and undamaged.

Prive Clinic Singapore Vanquish Belly Fat

Benefits of Vanquish

Vanquish treatment focuses on larger areas of fat cell deposits, as compared to other contouring treatment systems that only focus on small localised pockets of fat cells. It is a great treatment to help you lose belly fat and those love handles.

The treatment is contactless, without needing needles and anaesthesia. This greatly reduces the risks of side effects and lowers the occurrence of patient discomfort substantially.

Prive Clinic Singapore Vanquish

Prive Clinic Singapore Vanquish Fat Reduction Scheme

Side Effects & Safety

Vanquish is a non-invasive and non-surgical contactless treatment. Therefore, there is no downtime and you can go back to your regular daily activities almost immediately.

Vanquish is safe for all healthy patients who exercise regularly and eat a healthy and balanced diet, but still have problem areas that will not go away. People who have undergone the treatment have shared that the procedure is comfortable, with a warm relaxing feeling, similar to a hot stone massage.

Prive Clinic Singapore Vanquish Warm Body

Call Us for a Consultation Today

During your consultation, a comprehensive and personalised treatment plan will be developed for you, in order to address your specific areas of concern. Multiple treatments might be required. The recommended treatment frequency is 3-5 sessions over the course of 4-6 weeks. Please note that results may vary from patient to patient.

However, please note that Vanquish is not a weight loss treatment. Therefore, it is not a treatment for obesity. Moreover, it also does not replace the benefits of and regular exercise and a balanced diet.

To increase the benefits of your Vanquish treatment, you should observe an exercise and healthy diet programme after undergoing treatment.

Important note:
The Ministry of Health of Singapore does not allow the publishing of before and after photographs and patient testimonials in advertising materials. If you visit our clinics for more information, we will be happy to show you more photographs and pictures of our patients.


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