Check out the latest Eye Opener Treatments!

Check out the latest Eye Opener Treatments!

It’s often said beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Unfortunately, there are many causes of dark eye circles and eye bags that result in one looking older and more tired.

The most common cause would be the lack of sleep, genetics, smoking, drinking alcohol and even ageing. Skin is thinnest and most delicate around the eyes, so naturally this is one of the first areas to show signs of ageing, in the form of fine lines and under-eye hollows.

Prive Clinic Singapore Womens Eyes TreatmentRead on to discover 4 different safe and non-invasive ways to firm and lift up to your “eye-est” potential.

#1. Prive’s Perfect Eye treatment is a favourite amongst those who are looking for a lunch time eye fix. It uses a combination of lasers, enhanced with topical repair serum to optimally tighten and lift sagging skin, diminishing under eye circles and fine eye wrinkles.

The collagen strengthening laser sends “ultra-short bursts of energy” in trillionths of a second to fragment the particles in a really thin “dust” and heats up the deeper layers of the skin around the eyes. At the same time, the laser also gently lightens pigmentation while boosting blood circulation.

Top it up with eye repair serum and the regeneration cycle of skin cells is enhanced – the under eye skin’s structure becomes more resilient and elastic, bringing visible results of the treatment to a whole new level.


#2. Lift & Plump 

Look refresh with hyaluronic acid fillers injected into the tear trough or undereye as most people will call it. Hyaluronic acid filler is produced naturally by the body and when injected into tear trough, what you get is your eyes looking “alive”.

It’s important to ensure that you get an experienced doctor to do the undereye filler injections to prevent any lumps, or in the worst case scenario – blindness when fillers are injected into the blood vessels.


#3 Thermage Eyes or Ultherapy Eyes For Loose Skin and Under Eyebags 

Don’t like the idea of having injections, then explore Thermage Eyes which uses radiofrequency energy or Ultherapy Eyes treatment which works on ultrasound energy. Both treatments gently heats and tightens existing collagen and stimulates the production of new collagen to create a more youthful appearance to loose and sagging skin. This treatment works best for those looking to solve these problems:

  • reduces fine wrinkles above and below the eye
  • reduces “hooding” – that loose skin on the upper eyelid if it’s mild to moderate
  • makes the eye look more “open”

Call us for an appointment with any of Prive Clinic’s doctors to get an in-depth consultation for a suitable Eye-deal treatment today.


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