New Trend Spotted: Aesthetic Treatments for Men

New Trend Spotted: Aesthetic Treatments for Men

New Trend Spotted: Aesthetic Treatments for Men

We have been writing a lot for our female patients. And with most people are working from home, we decided to mix it up a little bit. This post is dedicated to all our male readers or female readers who are concerned about the appearance of their significant others, brothers, fathers or even friends.

Medical aesthetic treatments have come a long way since its inception a few decades ago. There are always new technology and treatments in the horizon. There are also many dynamic changes with how people perceive aesthetics treatments. One example is that it is no longer “taboo” for anyone to seek treatments from aesthetic practitioners.

In line with the topic discussed in this post, we have been seeing more and more male patients who are hoping to improve their appearance with non-surgical treatments. It is of no surprise that the most popular aesthetic treatments in men differ significantly from the ladies. Most men are not concerned about looking “handsome”, but they usually want to look presentable.

In this post, we are going to list the top 5 concerns and treatments amongst men.

“Not all men are created beautiful, some of us have to work extra hard to look good.”

1. Acne scars

Acne scars usually occur due to a build-up of fibrous tissue under the skin which created a “dimpled” appearance. A majority of patients have acne scars due to breakouts during their teenage years. Some have tried micro-needling or other treatments offered by beauty salon, but results are usually disappointing.

Regardless of the type of acne scars, one thing is for sure – men (or anyone, actually) do not like them present in their skin. Fortunately, with recent technology in aesthetic treatments, improvement in appearance of acne scars is fairly easily achieved.

Most of our male patients reported a significant improvement after doing our recommended  combination treatment for acne scars. This treatment includes Fractional Laser (which can either be fractional CO2 laser or fractional erbium laser peel) and Rejuran S.

To minimize the discomfort from both Fractional Laser and Rejuran S injection, most patients opt for 60 minutes of numbing cream application. Although some downtime can be expected, a majority of our patients see 60-80% improvement in the appearance of their acne scars after 3 sessions and love the results!

2. Tired-looking eyes

Most people associate tired-looking eyes with a lack of sleep and bad lifestyle. Tired-looking eyes are usually due to combination of dark eye circle and the presence of eyebags. To look more presentable, men generally want to look like they have had plenty of rest and are able to take on anything in the world. Dark eye circle and eyebags definitely do not help with that!

Injection of HA (hyaluronic acid) filler into the under-eye region helps mask dark eye circles and reduces the appearance eye bags. It is a quick procedure with minimal discomfort. Some clinics apply numbing cream around the treated area for 15 minutes prior to the injection to make the procedure more comfortable. Results are usually immediate, however do note that some bruising may occur after the treatment as that region has a lot of vascularization. In addition, not all eye bags can be improved with under-eye fillers. Those with severe eye bags may require surgical removal.

The changes with under eye fillers are usually quite subtle, and men generally like this effect. But with proper and precise injection, they will instantly look fresher and younger after the treatment!

3. Frown lines and forehead lines

When men age, there are 3 telltale areas where you can start seeing obvious lines and wrinkles. They are:

  1. Forehead lines
  2. Frown lines – may occur even when younger, due to “frowning” habit.
  3. Crow’s feet lines

Men are generally not so concerned about crow’s feet lines. After all, George Clooney and “McDreamy” from Grey’s anatomy still look so good even with crow’s feet lines at the corner of their eyes.

On the other hand, frown lines and forehead lines give a totally different vibe. Having deep frown lines make men look less approachable and fiercer. With the addition of forehead lines, they just appeared old and grumpy.

Botox injections to the forehead and frown lines area weakens the muscles responsible for those expression lines. In turn, those lines become less visible about 1 week after the botox injection.

4. Jowls – Saggy jawline

Jowls occur because of thinning skin, loss of collagen and elastin, and sagging at the jawline. A defined jawline helps improve masculine appearance, therefore jowls are undesirable to most men.

Ultherapy is the only FDA approved treatment for sagging jowls. It improves the definition of the jaws and also helps to eliminate double chin.

Some men may benefit from having fillers injected to accentuate the jawline, but this will usually only be done 6-8 weeks after Ultherapy.

5. “Muffin tops” or “love handles”

Is it muffin tops? Or is it love handles?

No matter what the correct term is, it refers to the accumulation of fat tissues at the sides of the trunk. It is pinchable fat at the side of your stomach that do not respond well to diet and/or exercise. No matter how hard you train at the gym with your personal trainer, these fat deposits are as stubborn as a mule…

Men especially, are very concerned about this fat deposit. The latest trend of wearing fitted suits and pants further highlight the presence of “love handles”.

So, what do we do?

Coolsculpting has proven to be effective in reducing up to 20% of the fat deposits on the treated area. With the introduction of cool-advantage, each applicator only takes about 35 minutes. At Privé, we are able to do “double-sculpting”, as we have multiple Coolsculpting machines.

These are some of the most popular treatments requested by our male patients. However, it does not that male patients are confined to doing only these treatments as every patient is unique with different needs. Spend some time to consult your doctor to understand these treatments better and discuss which will be most beneficial to you.

As usual, we hope everyone is staying safe at home; we will get through this together!


The opinion in this blog is based on our extensive research and our own personal experience. For more information and prices, please contact us via WhatsApp or Call us at +65 96565380. T&Cs apply.


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