7 million women suffer incontinence – Are you one of them?

7 million women suffer incontinence – Are you one of them?

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Are you always in search of a toilet? Can’t seem to hold your pee? Or worst still, suffer from urine leakage on sudden exertion, coughing, sneezing, laughing or even when lifting something heavy.

Urinary incontinence or stress incontinence can have a negative impact on women’s lives if not treated. It doubles the risk of postnatal depression and affects relationships too. In a study conducted by Norwegians, more than 5000 women aged 40 to 44 with incontinence found that a fifth had at least suffered depression in their lives. According to Daily Mail, around seven million women in the UK have some degree of incontinence and it is often such a taboo subject that women feel embarrassed to talk about, but early intervention can make a difference.

Women who’ve had children via vaginal deliveries are a third more at risk of incontinence than women who haven’t. These can be because the pelvic floor muscles act as a support from the pubic bone to the sacrum at the bottom of the spine. If the pelvic floor is strong it can make up for the stretching of the ligaments and take some of the strain but if it’s weak, then the neck of the bladder is not well-supported and will leak urine under pressure, what we call stress incontinence.

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Although the more permanent solution to treat stress incontinence is surgery, for those who are looking for non-invasive and a comfortable painless treatment, you can consider:

1. Pelvic Floor Exercise
Pelvic floor exercises can be done to reduce the risk of incontinence and should do a set of these exercises three to six times a day. The exercises help healthy muscles to be resilient and stretch more effectively. However, it is important to do the pelvic floor exercises correctly, if done incorrectly, it may result in the muscles being tense so much so the pelvic floor becomes hyperactive and puts too much pressure on the bladder.

2. Exilis Ultra Femme
During pregnancy, there is increased pressure on the pelvic floor which may stretch and damage the pelvic floor muscles. On top of that, there are hormones during pregnancy which softens all the ligaments and muscles of the pelvic outlet (around vagina and urethra) in order to aid childbirth – so that the baby’s head can be pushed out during birth.

Exilis Ultra Femme delivers radiofrequency energy which stimulates production of elastin and collagen – tightening the mucosa and musculature and hence improving the bladder function, in turn helping with urinary incontinence and vaginal rejuvenation.

An applicator is inserted into the vagina to deliver the RF energy and raise the temperature of the targeted tissue to above 40 degrees. The heat disrupts collagen fibres, causing them to unravel. This kick-starts the natural healing process. Fibroblasts produce new collagen fibres, which help tighten muscles and improve bladder function. You will feel a warm sensation in the treated area for about 8 minutes. This procedure is a great option for those women who desire non-surgical improvement for vaginal rejuvenation.

This is a doctor’s procedure and is carried out by our female doctors at Prive Clinic. More details can be shared when you come by for a consultation. Speak with us at 96565380 or email us at [email protected] to find out more.


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