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Dr Karen Soh provides aesthetic treatments for everybody, no matter the beauty goal. With a wealth of experience and dedication, she offers affordable, accessible, and tailored aesthetic treatments.

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Beauty tailored to you as anything is possible and we believe every customer is unique and should be given the opportunity to look and feel good.

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Dr Karen Soh’s appreciation of The Balvenie Whisky

Dr Karen Soh’s appreciation of how The Balvenie Whisky honours craftsmanship and heritage just like a piece of high jewellery 美,要经得起岁月的洗礼,越是简单纯粹,越值得细细品味。让医美医生苏慧贤(Dr Karen Soh)以行家视角,带引我们品鉴高级珠宝与百年威士忌品牌The Balvenie的匠心之美。 Read more

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How do Singapore’s most glamorous ladies detox after the holidays?

Like many people, Dr Karen Soh, finds it hard to stick to her usual healthy routine and diet during the festive season. One of the ways she gets her digestive system back on track is to fill up on whole foods like fruits and vegetables and avoiding all processed, refined and sugary foods. She increases her water intake to flush out toxins from the body as dehydration exhausts the body and affects skin too. Dr Soh also gets a little extra help from the aesthetic treatments available in her clinic. Read more

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Dr Karen Soh is a Singapore’s doctor, speaker and trainer in the field of medical aesthetics. With a wealth of experience, passion for this specialty, as well as a keen eye for detail, she expertly balances the art and science of beauty enhancement and has even formulated her own techniques of aesthetic transfiguration.

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